Neo Neo Spartans


The Neo Spartans have for some time had minimum requirements for potential new recruits to meet before being allowed to join. It means that we have kept a decent standard of members who all have some experience with piracy before they come to us.

The problem however has always been that we have had to turn a lot of applicants away. 15M skill points means that a player less than a year old has little chance of joining us. Sure we have always made the odd exception for the right people (me included, so maybe not the right people after all) but it always seemed a shame that we were losing some decent pilots because of this rule.

So in order to address this problem we have created a new corp that goes by the name of Neo Catamites, and we have joined them with Neo Spartans via the Laconian Syndicate alliance (Name has nothing to do with our CEO Larconis – Larconia is a region of Greece that has Sparta as it’s capital). You can see a bit more detail of what it’s all about in our recruitment post but essentially Neo Catamites has a much lower skill point requirement of just 4M, mostly PvP based skill points. The idea is that pilots will have enough of an idea about PvP that they can join in straight away without anyone needing to explain what a warp disruptor does, but are still needing to gain experience in the art of piracy.

Members of Neo Catamites will frequently work with Neo Spartans and eventually it’s members will get transferred over once they make the grade (whether they have 15M SP or not). Members of Neo Catamites won’t be able to coast along in the corp without taking part however, as members will also be ejected if we think there is no chance that they will make the grade.