My name is Kaya Valda, and I am a Pirate.

I’m not a Pirate on the high seas West of Africa capturing oil tankers, but a Space Pirate in CCP’s excellent game Eve Online. I have been plying this trade for almost 7 months now and sometimes I feel I have something to say, but nowhere to say it. Of course there are always the Crime and Punishment Forums, but lets assume that I don’t want to be constantly flamed by the resident retards.

At this time I am working in a Pirate Corporation that goes by the name of Neo Spartans. We’re a friendly bunch of Pirates so long at you don’t get on the wrong side of us, even to our victims. We shoot with a smile and understand that there is more to Piracy and PVP than counting the kills, or making ISK. It’s all about having fun (probably ours rather than our victims).

So what can you expect from my blog? Well you’re not going to get stirring fictional stories of our exploits in space. I don’t really do Role Play, it’s just not me. What you will get are some disjointed ramblings of someone who likes to play as a pirate Eve, and who has something to say about it. I’ll aim to post something here a couple of times a week.

Whatever I have to say hopefully it will be entertaining to some, and comments will be gratefully recieved, even is you want to tell me it’s all a load of s**t.


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