Current Situation


Things have been busy again this last week. The launching of Neo Catamites is coming along well and we’ve had some decent looking new members join up. Still looking for more new applicants though, so if any wannabe pirates approach your corp but don’t make the grade send them to us.

As previously written about Larkonis Trassler is running for CSM and will be the first credible pirate friendly member of the CSM if he is elected. Voting has now started so give him your support and vote for Larkonis. You can also see his campaign blog here, and read his latest CSM forum post here. If previous CSM elections are anything to go by he needs only about 700 votes to get a place on the CSM (last successful candidate in CSM1 got 706 votes, and in CSM2 637). I’ve voted for him 4 times and hopefully with most of the Crime and Punishment forum behind him I think he has a pretty good chance of success. No matter what you think of Larkonis in game I’m convinced he is the right man for the job when it comes to representing the occupants of C&P. Even The United members seem to be giving him their vote! lol.

We had a particularly good last week when it comes to capital ship kills with 6 dreads and 2 Carriers on the killboard. In comparison we only lost 1 Carrier, but what started out as an inadvisable move by one of our cap pilots turned into the opportunity to kill 3 Dreads. The more we get of these type of kills the more I can’t wait for my Carrier pilot to be fully trained. Only about 80 days to go until I can use and fit a half decent Archon.


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