Now I am a Director of Neo Spartans (and my alt a Director in Neo Catamites) I spend a bit more of my time thinking about how we can move forward and expand. The priority at the moment is getting the Neo Catamites membership growing so that someday we will have a good supply of experienced new pilots for Neo Spartans. But at the same time I think it’s important to be on the look our for pilots that already have the skills and experience that can come straight into Neo Spartans.

I come into contact with other pilots I admire all the time in Eve, and there are a fair few I’d like to recruit, but they are generally happy where they are. Or are they? You see, the problem a lot of the time is how do you go about approaching pilots to see if they might be interesting in joining? It’s particularly difficult and sensitive if their current corp is friendly to your own. The risk is that by poaching some of their best pilots some bad feeling between the friendly corps is created. Even worse, they might be a CEO in their own corp, or a Director which would certainly take some persuasion to get them to switch corps.

To be honest I don’t really have a way to deal with these situations yet, so I’d be interesting in hearing what some of my readers think. Also, feel free to speak with me if you’re looking for a new pirate corp ;o) Although not actively recruiting at the moment the Neo Spartans are always on the lookout to recruit talented and experienced pilots.


4 Responses to “Headhunting”

  1. Mynxee said

    I suspect that just knowing the opportunity may be there will be enough for such pilots to approach YOU…by far the more preferable situation.

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Mynxee said

    It’s tempting, if only to find out all of Shigsy’s dark, dirty secrets. But no, I’ll stick with the yarr girls, thanks!

  3. wensley said

    We get a steady stream of applicants inspired by word of mouth and reading the blogs so I think you guys will too. Best of luck with it and congratulations on the promotion!

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