Current Situation


Things have been busy again this last week. The launching of Neo Catamites is coming along well and we’ve had some decent looking new members join up. Still looking for more new applicants though, so if any wannabe pirates approach your corp but don’t make the grade send them to us.

As previously written about Larkonis Trassler is running for CSM and will be the first credible pirate friendly member of the CSM if he is elected. Voting has now started so give him your support and vote for Larkonis. You can also see his campaign blog here, and read his latest CSM forum post here. If previous CSM elections are anything to go by he needs only about 700 votes to get a place on the CSM (last successful candidate in CSM1 got 706 votes, and in CSM2 637). I’ve voted for him 4 times and hopefully with most of the Crime and Punishment forum behind him I think he has a pretty good chance of success. No matter what you think of Larkonis in game I’m convinced he is the right man for the job when it comes to representing the occupants of C&P. Even The United members seem to be giving him their vote! lol.

We had a particularly good last week when it comes to capital ship kills with 6 dreads and 2 Carriers on the killboard. In comparison we only lost 1 Carrier, but what started out as an inadvisable move by one of our cap pilots turned into the opportunity to kill 3 Dreads. The more we get of these type of kills the more I can’t wait for my Carrier pilot to be fully trained. Only about 80 days to go until I can use and fit a half decent Archon.




Now I am a Director of Neo Spartans (and my alt a Director in Neo Catamites) I spend a bit more of my time thinking about how we can move forward and expand. The priority at the moment is getting the Neo Catamites membership growing so that someday we will have a good supply of experienced new pilots for Neo Spartans. But at the same time I think it’s important to be on the look our for pilots that already have the skills and experience that can come straight into Neo Spartans.

I come into contact with other pilots I admire all the time in Eve, and there are a fair few I’d like to recruit, but they are generally happy where they are. Or are they? You see, the problem a lot of the time is how do you go about approaching pilots to see if they might be interesting in joining? It’s particularly difficult and sensitive if their current corp is friendly to your own. The risk is that by poaching some of their best pilots some bad feeling between the friendly corps is created. Even worse, they might be a CEO in their own corp, or a Director which would certainly take some persuasion to get them to switch corps.

To be honest I don’t really have a way to deal with these situations yet, so I’d be interesting in hearing what some of my readers think. Also, feel free to speak with me if you’re looking for a new pirate corp ;o) Although not actively recruiting at the moment the Neo Spartans are always on the lookout to recruit talented and experienced pilots.

Neo Neo Spartans


The Neo Spartans have for some time had minimum requirements for potential new recruits to meet before being allowed to join. It means that we have kept a decent standard of members who all have some experience with piracy before they come to us.

The problem however has always been that we have had to turn a lot of applicants away. 15M skill points means that a player less than a year old has little chance of joining us. Sure we have always made the odd exception for the right people (me included, so maybe not the right people after all) but it always seemed a shame that we were losing some decent pilots because of this rule.

So in order to address this problem we have created a new corp that goes by the name of Neo Catamites, and we have joined them with Neo Spartans via the Laconian Syndicate alliance (Name has nothing to do with our CEO Larconis – Larconia is a region of Greece that has Sparta as it’s capital). You can see a bit more detail of what it’s all about in our recruitment post but essentially Neo Catamites has a much lower skill point requirement of just 4M, mostly PvP based skill points. The idea is that pilots will have enough of an idea about PvP that they can join in straight away without anyone needing to explain what a warp disruptor does, but are still needing to gain experience in the art of piracy.

Members of Neo Catamites will frequently work with Neo Spartans and eventually it’s members will get transferred over once they make the grade (whether they have 15M SP or not). Members of Neo Catamites won’t be able to coast along in the corp without taking part however, as members will also be ejected if we think there is no chance that they will make the grade.