Onatoh not so bad afterall


When the Neo Spartans first moved to Onatoh I hated it. I was used to the way of life in Otou where we could go out and solo in the belts, camp a busy gate, or roam around in a gang depending on our mood. Life in Onatoh is very different. For weeks I barely made a kill, but in these last 10 or so it all seems to have clicked back into place.

For those of you that don’t know Onatoh isn’t located on a busy pipe, so gate camping is usually a slow occupation. No-0ne is stupid enough to come here to rat in the belts, and it is just two jumps away from the Faction Warfare system of Tama, which mean a lot of blobs. For me and the way I was used to working it seems like a nightmare system to have to live in. Now however I have warmed to some of the charms on Onatoh.

It’s difficult to imagine being anywhere else than a FW zone, getting hit by a 30+ man blob and still win outnumbered 3 to 1 (there were more ships there than appear on the killboard). We also benefit from much more interesting roams as from here we can get to 0.0, Old Man Star and Amamake without having to leave the comfort of lowsec. The quality of kills has also been much improved with Neo Spartans being part of 5 Carrier and 3 Dread kills in the last 8 days (with no cap losses).

On balance I think I have now made the conversion from Otou to Onatoh. The elements that I have left behind in Otou have been replaced by new ones in Onatoh, and in time I’ll probably find a system near by the will allow me some solo PvP when I want it. Admittedly Tama is a pit of a system where if you make the mistake of docking up you’re unlikely to get your ship out without the assistance of a friendly gang outside, and I’m certainly not keen on bringing my supplies through that way in a freighter (which means a long way from Jita to take the safer route), but Onatoh certainly has some charms of its own.


One Response to “Onatoh not so bad afterall”

  1. Ga'len said

    It has been a learning experience for many and that’s the point sometimes. You learn to adapt or you die.

    Glad to see that you are finally having fun again!!!

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