Lowlife CSM


Wow, have I been slack or what with my blogging!

There has actually been a lot going on with Kaya and Neo Spartans lately, but nothing interesting enough to write into a blog post about (I wrote a few and they sucked enough for me not to publish them).

Biggest news for me recently is that I have been made a Director at Neo Spartans. Business as usual to be honest except that now a have a few extra tools available to support my fellow Pirates.

Anyway, on to what I really want to write about…

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is in the words of CCP:

A democratically elected representative council manned by players elected by players.

But up until this point the interests of the darker side of eve have been mostly unrepresented on the CSM. Hopefully though this is all about to change.

In recent weeks a number of candidates have shown themselves to be interested in representing the interests of the ‘underclass’ of Eve. I’m talking about the Pirates, Privateers, Mercenaries, Griefers, Ninjas etc. who prey on others to earn their ISK (or sometimes just because they feel like it). Up until a few days ago however it was looking like all we would get are joke candidates – Captain Pompous and Death4free (sorry mate but it’s true), or people that don’t have the dedication to see it through – Tchell Dahhn. But now we have a proper candidate that all us lowlifes can get behind to represent our interests. I present to you Larkonis Trassler for CSM.

Now I’m sure you’ll think I am biased here, what with Larkonis being my CEO and everything, but if you had known him as long as I have then you would know that he is an intelligent, articulate and motivated individual. You only have to take a look at his Manifesto to see that he has some good ideas to present too.

As a proportion of Eve players us shady types don’t make up a very large number of pilots, so for any C&P candidate to be successfully elected we need to get behind just ONE person to take our views to the Council. If the vote is split between multiple candidates then none of them will be successful and we can expect another round of pro-carebear changes to further curtail our way of life.


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