The War Has Begun


So our vacation in 0.0 has been cut shorter than we intended. The reason is that since falling out with The United one of their Directors has gone too far by making real life threats to one of our members, and now we just can’t wait to deal with that problem the only way we know how. By destroying them.

Last night one of our scouts back in Rancer noticed that The United were trying to take down some noob’s POS. We saw it as an opportunity to get some action on The United’s Battleship fleet, and if we were lucky their Cap fleet too. Unfortunately for me the POS was coming out of reinforced at 1:30am and my boss doesn’t understand if I come in late to work after a night of Eve.

Once The United had their Battleships in place to knock the life out of the POS the Neo Spartan cap fleet jumped in to try and take down as many of their fleet as possible. Unfortunately they were too scared to bring their own cap fleet out to confront us, so we had to make do with 6 BS kills for 2 BS losses of our own. That puts the totals at 8 kills vs. 2 losses since the falling out.

There are going to be some interesting times ahead for the Rancer pocket. Now we are back home I expect the number of engagements to become more numerous, and most piracy is on hold for the moment until we have taken care of business.

It’s interesting to note that we have had offers from other corps asking to help us smite The United. It just goes to show how disliked they have become in the Eve universe. I think we can win this fight on our own however. They may have more numbers than Neo Spartans, but they just don’t have the class to see it through. Their perma gatecamping style means that they are ill skilled in other areas of the game.


0.0 Vacation


The Neo Spartans have been noticing a decline of traffic through Otou of late, so it was decided that we would go on a Vacation somewhere else in the Eve universe to allow some time for Otou to become ‘safe’ again and encourage some new traffic. Then we fell out with our closest allies (or rather we fell out with the main leadership of their Corp) as well which gave us another reason to look for something different to do for a while (“this will be dealt with” in good time).

That somewhere else was 0.0 so that we could do something different from the piracy that we were used to. We could rat up sec status a bit from -10, and have the luxury of killing stuff without the intervention of gate guns, and make a bit of ISK too.

I was hoping to write a series of exiting account of my time in 0.0, but a week on and I’m finding it to be a pretty dull place, and I’m wondering what people find to do out here other than rat and carebear. It seems that small gang roams are pretty much pointless as about the only time you see other ships to shoot at they are on massive gate camps. Even if you do feel like you can take them you just know that there is a force of their allies 3 times the size a few jumps away.

I wonder what in it for the guys that gate camp as well, as I can sit in systems on one of the main pipes and not see another person for an hour or more. Do they just sit there and do virtually nothing for hours at a time?

I’ve been in 0.0 many times before, but this is the first time I have spent an extended period there. From my experience so far I’d say 0.0 has little to offer the PvPer unless they want to be part of the large scale 0.0 alliences, or are out to roam with the intention of killing as much as possible before inevitably dyeing (which when in empire is what we normally do on out 0.0 roams). I just don’t see the attraction of staying out here long term, and I’m looking forward to getting back to lowsec piracy.