Gang Ship Fitting


An area of ship set up that is often overlooked is how well a gang of ships work together, and the need to synchronise their fittings to compliment each other. In the many gang battles I have been involved in I have often been amazed at how little attention some gangs give to what their fleet mates are flying (I’ve also seen and learnt from some excellent fleets that know exactly how to set up their gang).

After the dust has settled and the enemy annihilated a look down the killboard at what your opposition were flying gives you a lot of information. It is common to see lots of well fitted ships in their own right, but with obvious little regard to what their fleet mates were flying. For example you might see every ship in an 8 man gang fitted with Warp disruptors, but none with Webifiers.

It’s important to understand that when you fly as a fleet you should view it as a single entity and not a collection of individual ships. The FC should have an idea on what he wants the fleet to do, and tell the individual pilots to fit accordingly. A corp should issue a set of standard ship fittings for it’s members to use during fleet ops so that there is a single pre-organised aim on how to take down the enemy (or survive). With everyone flying similar setups it is easy for the FC to make adjustments to the midslots of various fleet members so that you have enough of everything e.g. points, webbers, ECCM etc. They also know what specialist ships to bring like Falcons or a Hospital Domi or two.

Just like you wouldn’t omni fit your ship with a mixture of armour and shields, it is important for a gang to be fitted in an organised and coherent way. There is no point bringing a ship with shield tank if the rest of the ships in your gang have remote armour reppers. I would even go as far as saying that even when you fly a ship that traditionally fit for shield or armour, you should not stick religiously to that idea when is comes to fitting a ship for gang operations.

A good example is a Raven. When flown solo you would be mad not to set it up with a good shield tank, but when flown in a gang where there aren’t many other Caldari pilots you have to think outside of the box. While normally it is an act of blasphemy to suggest fitting a Raven with armour tank, in a gang of armour tankers where all of your fleet mates have remote armour reps fitted then a Raven armour tanker is the way to go.

Obviously in the long run if you’re mostly going to be flying in armour tanked fleets you should be cross training to ships that can armour tank well, but even in non traditional armour tank Raven what you lose in HP on your personal tank you make up several times over when your fleet mates have you locked up,  repping your armour, and giving you a virtually unbreakable tank.


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