Sunday Bloody Sunday


It has been a quiet couple of weeks for my piracy. A lack of lowsec traffic and a lack of my own time to spend seeking victims has meant I’ve not had a lot of kills. All that however changed last Sunday.

There I was docked up in station while I attended to business on an alt when a message came over from The United’s CEO. They were bored of camping due to the lack of decent traffic and were planning a little trip to Hagilur to go mess with the locals and wanted to know if we wanted to go along. Having only had one kill that day there was no hesitation to get in on the act, along with three more from Neo Spartans.

Hagilur is one of those lowsec systems where no single corp claims ownership. On that particular night The Filthy Scum were in attendance along with a handful of The Bastards. The bait ship was sent in while the rest of the fleet waited outside system. Unfortunately for our victims they took our bait and get themselves aggression and the fleet jumped in.

The battle was 24 allies vs 22 Enemy pilots (note that Sirius Fog warp disrupted his fleet mate and Commandante Caldari was a random participant on our side in a Falcon, also some of the Filthy Scam came back in second ships), with mostly battleships of both sides. The Nidhoggur arrived a few minutes into the engagement but made little difference to turning the tide on us. We had pretty much finished off all the BS when 3 more capital ships were jumped in on us and we decided it was time to go home. End Result was 15 kills for 7 loses (this was even better for Neo Spartans as our KB shows 14 kills for 1 loss). To get the full picture of kills check The United’s Killboard as well.

My only negative for the battle was that we didn’t kill the initial Carrier that jumped in. The FC insisted that we keep killing the BS rather than go after the Carrier which was unfortunate as by the time we left it was in structure. Had we started on it a little earlier we could have had (should have had) a cap kill too.

As we all returned back home news came through of a Pheonix in Olettiers that was undocked and on the verge of being out of docking range. The bump ships were quickly on route and I returned to Otou to switch from my Battleship  into an Onyx, but before I got on my way to Olettiers some of the fleet got aggressed by a small group of 4 BS, which was unfortunate as the rest of the fleet were still spread in the surrounding systems and they had nowhere to go. I sat alone on the gate in Otou in case something should try and escape. 3 of them died in Miroitem while I scrammed the other who tried to escape into Otou until backup arrived to kill him.

There was no time to celebrate the kills however as by now the Pheonix was about to get bumped off of station in Olettiers. By the time I had arrived his fate had been sealed and the Pheonix was heading towards structure. After a short pause to see if he wanted to cough up a ransom (some choice words indicated that he did not) we finished the ship off and as a bonus killed his pod too. Unfortunately the Pheonix was unfitted so it looks like it hadn’t long been out of the showroom before we turned it to a lump of twisted metal. Not the most interesting of kills, but a cap kill is a cap kill.

Just when you think things are getting a little dull Eve throws up big chunk of excitement to get you going again.


As many people are aware Neo Spartans and The United are napped due to the proximity of their home systems. If they weren’t neither corp would get anything done other than fight each other (it’s not so long ago that this was the case). It also allows them to control several systems in the surrounding area. They are NOT however in an alliance together, nor do they work together on a day to day basis. The above is one of those times where it is in the interest of both parties to take on a common enemy.


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