Neo Spartans vs The Bastards


We were involved in a noteworthy battle last night so I’ve decided to talk about it here. Neo Spartans vs. The Bastards. Let me first say that we have respect for The Bastards. We have had a few small scale battles with them in the past and they always bring a good fight and like us, they don’t get often involved with smacking in local.

About 8 or 9 of us were out of one of our fun suicide roams in T1 cruisers. The plan was that we’d go up through Evati and beyond to see what we could find to kill. In all likelihood we’d be coming back in pods, but the aim was to kill more than we lose. We didn’t get very far however.

Jumping into Evati we noticed a lot of members of The Bastards in system. Our scout noticed that they were all sat outside one of the stations forming up a fleet. Our CEO Larkonis made a snap decision that we would have a go at The Bastards to see what we could get a good fight. T1 cruisers were no good as The Bastards fleet were all Battleships, so we’d have to return to our home system and switch to fleet Battleships.

We have a corp rule that means we always have Fleet Battleships fitted and ready to go. Of course there is always someone that hasn’t got the right fittings on the ship and need to make some adjustments (ok so I was one of them). By the time we are ready to go some 10-15 minutes after we first spotted them our scout reports that they are on the move. By now we have 11 members in fleet BS ready to go.

It soon becomes apparent that they are on a roam of their own, and it looks like they are heading out to nullsec. As fast as we can we get ourselves back to Evati while our scout follows their fleet. Worried that they would get too deep into 0.0 before we had a chance to catch up with them Larkonis decided that we would not be following them too far. The last thing we wanted was to be dragged out into 0.0 unprepared for what might be through the next jumpgate. It seems they were being similarly cautious as they were sitting on each gate for a few minutes, presumably whilst they had a scout running ahead.

Fortunately they hadn’t got too far when we caught them in the first system into 0.0 – EOA-ZC. Had they already jumped through the next gate we probably wouldn’t have engaged them. As we entered EOA-ZC we immediately warped onto them, no doubt with the element of surprise on our side while they planned they next jump of their own roam.

I won’t go into details of our ship fittings, but I will say that we are big fans of remote repping fleets, and every member of the gang fits at least one. This allows us to keep the primaried ships alive for as long as possible.

Now would be a good time to have a look at the video footage captured by my corpmate Ga’len.

Unfortunately for me my Raven was first primary, and as often happens the first primary dies pretty quickly before corp mates are able to lock up and rep the ship. You can see from the watch list that all fire was focused on me. Top marks for The Bastards all getting on the primary. Before I pop however Loth’nwenar is first to die.

Next to be primaried is Professor Claw in his Megathron. It looks like he might die quickly, but by now we’re up to speed on our repping and it takes a long time for him to get killed. A further 3 enemy BS are destroyed before Claw goes pop. The remaining ships are hitting Daff Punk with all they got, but the remote reps are doing the job nicely and keeping him alive. It all looks to be going wrong for The Bastards and a further 4 of their BS go pop with no more loses for the Neo Spartans.

With ‘gf’ exchanged we pick up our loot and head off home happy with a job well done. 11 of our BS versus 10 BS, 2 BC and a few other support ships from the enemy (not sure if the non-Bastards were with them, but they certainly fought with them) this was a pretty even fight. Neo Spartans killed 8 BS in total (7 Bastards and 1 other) and The Bastards killed 2 Neo Spartans BS.

Once again respect to The Bastards for trying to stand up to us and for a good fight. It’s always a pleasure fighting you guys and I’m sure we’ll have another opportunity for a rematch in the future.


5 Responses to “Neo Spartans vs The Bastards”

  1. wensley said

    Sounds like a professional job. Well done. Just out of interest, how well does the Raven fit into RR fleets? I would have thought you’d want everone to be in armour tanking ships for maximum efficiency. Surely a shield tanker’s always going to be at a disadvantage.

    Hmm, I really need to come up with a way of recording my fights on my Mac. The Neo Spartans videos are ace.

    Good report, though. Keep up the blogging!

    • Kaya Valda said

      You would be right in saying that all ships need to have Armor tank, which is why my Raven is set up with an armor tank 🙂
      It’s not as good as a natural armor tanking ship, but the Raven armor set up does surprisingly well. A couple of 1600mm plates and nano membranes and a damage control can put up quite a good tank. Plus you get to keep your mid slots free for more useful fleet modules.

      I’m lucky to be part of a corp that has 3 good film makers. I’m sure this footage will be appearing in a new film soon.

  2. Manasi said

    eeks a raven in PvP? I’ve seen many things in 0.0 over the last year but by far the rarest ship is an armor tanking raven. The raven really is a good ship but play to it’s strengths…shield tanking. As an active tank with CAP boosters they absorb tremendous amount of damage…dishing it out is not their specialty but if you are remote repping they can be fun.

    • Kaya Valda said

      This Raven set up is for this specific role to fit into a RR fleet and I wouldn’t dream of using this set up solo or in a smaller group. I have other Ravens with Shield set ups to do other jobs. Sometimes you need to bend the ship fitting rules a little.

  3. wensley said

    By the way, Kaya, to welcome you to the Eve blogosphere… You’re it.

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