Another Eve scandal.


I’m getting quite a bit of enjoyment at the moment watch the fallout of another big Eve scandal. At least this time it looks like it may be down to CCP incompetence rather than CCP involvement. It seems a lot of players like to indulge a bit of mass hysteria, and it’s CCP bashers versus CCP fanbois. Personally I think these kind of players are taking it all a bit too seriously.

There’s is no doubt that if the original claims on the  Scrapheap Challenge forum are true this is a big deal for the game, but I have some reservations about how true this post is. After all this is a player who has just had his account banned, and it wouldn’t be unusual for a person in that position to try and make CCP look as bad a possible.

The hysteria mob are making big on the ‘fact’ that this bug existed for 4 years. But is it really a fact? CCP unsurprisingly have not made any reference to how long this bug has existed and been exploited for, but I find it difficult to believe that it really has existed that long without CCP either being made aware of it, or discovering it on their own. If on the other hand this is a relatively recent bug, the markets don’t appear to reflect that, there is no noticeable sudden drop in T2 prices which would indicate an increase in supply.

Another ‘fact’ being touted is that the big alliances such as BOB are involved in the exploitation of this bug. Again there is little in the way of evidence to support these claims. If this exploit was as widespread as some people say then I think there will be at least one person involved who is a member of an alliance as large as BOB, but to say that BOB is built on this exploitation of the bug is probably going too far. The problem for BOB it that no-one really trusts them, so involved or not accusations will always head their way.

I’m a ‘sit back and see’ sort of person so I’m just going to enjoy the fireworks over the next few weeks and maybe I’ll share some more thoughts on the subject later.


One Response to “Another Eve scandal.”

  1. Ga'len said

    Agreed mate. This is a time to sit back, chill and see things unfold. Using the “jump to conclusions” mat is just plain dumb.

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