Can a Pirate be self-sufficient?


A commonly spouted piece of crap I read on the Eve Forums is that it’s not possible to be self-sufficient as a pirate. I am living proof that this is a load of rubbish.

When I created this account I brought in a couple of hundred million ISK in from other accounts to buy myself learning implants and skillbooks. But since that point I have never needed to bring in any further ISK from outside to support my pirate way of life. And in all honestly I could have done it from scratch without any starting capital at all, it just would have taken longer to get started.

I do have Trading alts that make large sums of ISK to pay for things like GTCs, but I have always stayed true to the idea that Kaya could support herself in her life of crime. All of the isk spent in buying ships, weapons and ammo has been earned through piracy, and if she hasn’t been able to afford it she hasn’t bought it.

I have no doubt that a solo pirate might struggle to make enough isk to pay their own way, but when you are part of an organised pirate corp there are many ways in which to make a decent living.

Gatecamps are our primary source of income. It may not be the most interesting way to play Eve, but you get lots of pretty explosions and there is some satisfaction to be had when the camp is running as efficiently as possible and all but the fastest of ships are unable to escape (and even they get popped often). There is also the added excitement of getting blobbed by some passing gang (even better when we wipe the floor with them).

A good pirate corp will ‘own’ a bit of lowsec space where they take a cut of the activity that goes on there. It’s a kind of protection racket where other corps are allowed to setup a POS in the system(s) and stay free from harassment (from the local owners mostly) . We don’t actually protect them from outsiders, but simply living in our space does offer a certain amount of safety. Other options are selling mining or ratting rights, or just offering safe passage through the system.

Another string to the pirate corp bow is merc work. Of course, there is a certain amount of limitation here for a pirate corp due to the inability to operate outside of lowsec space. None the less there are still money making opportunities like charging to destroy a lowsec POS for example.

Solo PvP and gang roams are rarely a big money making opportunities, but it’s where most of the fun is in being a pirate. What is important here to the self-sufficient pirate is not losing too much of your hard earned isk to silly losses. Something I am good at avoiding is unnecessary risk when it comes to PvP.

If you can afford to bankroll a pirate from other sources and you don’t mind losing it then being a pirate may be easier. My point is that it is not impossible to be a self-sufficient pirate, and I personally find it much more rewarding to pay my own way as a pirate. After all in real life you wouldn’t do it if it was costing you more money than you earn.


One Response to “Can a Pirate be self-sufficient?”

  1. Ga'len said

    I have to say I agree with you. I have been working as both a high sec ‘carebear’ pirate and I have enjoyed my last six months with the neos here in low sec. You can make money as a pirate, it’s just not the simply ‘I win’ button that miners use. There is effort and thought involved.

    If it were easy, everyone would be a pirate.

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