Every Pirate needs a gang.


To really make ISK as a pirate in Eve you need to be working with a good group of like minded people. It makes the game a whole lot more fun too.

I originally intended to learn my new trade as a solo pirate in my Crow, and I was having some success with that. I wasn’t going out of my way to find myself a pirate corp because I had assumed they wouldn’t be interested in a PvP noob like me.

I can’t remember now what led me to be pirating in Otou but there I was taking on small ships in the belts there. One day I had just killed some noob in a frigate who started screaming in local for help. It was too late for him, his ship popped, and I warped away to one of my safespots.

I was sat there wondering what target I might find next when out of nowhere another Crow appeared. I wasn’t moving so before I could do anything he was right on top of me, had me scrammed, and I was finished in seconds.

This taught me two important things. One, never sit still in an interceptor. Had I been moving I would have been many km away when he had jumped in and I’d have been able to get away. Two, playing as part of a group means more kills. If he’d been a solo player in that Crow he would never have been able to probe me out and jump in on me. He needed someone else out there to do the probing for him.

As it happens being killed that day launched my career as a pirate. The pilot that shot me down was Larkonis Trassler, CEO of Neo Spartans. After he had killed my Crow he gave me a chance to save my pod (another noob mistake getting caught) at the cost of a good joke. But better than that he offered me a chance to join the Neo Spartans and fly with a very experienced gang of pirates.

I’ve never regretted joining the Neo Spartans since that day. Flying as a gang is enormous fun, and I don’t think that there could be a better group of people to do it with. I now consider myself a competent pirate and I owe it all to what I have learnt form the other members of the Neos. More importantly it’s really been fun getting there.

What really makes a good corp isn’t necessarily the skills an experience of a player, but a lot to do with the kind of people they are. As a corp we have been pretty successful in selecting the right people to join us and making sure they will fit in with what we are about. Yes there is a 15Mil skillpoint minimum (which I am only just approaching) but if you have the right attitude and personality new members will be taken with less. Above all else it is about having fun.


2 Responses to “Every Pirate needs a gang.”

  1. Black Claw said

    Welcome to the blogging world! I’ve subscribed, and look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

  2. wotlankor said

    Interesting perspective.
    Just been down the path of piracy but was not my line of work.
    Keep at it and have fun !

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