Choosing the right woman for the job.


I spent quite a bit of time and effort when choosing how to set up Kaya. Eve is one of those games where the choices you make to start with during character creation can have such a big effect on how the character develops, particularly in the early stages. Eve is different from some other games out there however as it allows you to train all the skills available with none being specific to one particular race, but if you get it right in the first place things are much smoother.

My method of choosing my character’s race was to research what other pirates were flying, particularly for solo piracy. I understood that most pirate corps were reluctant to take on PvP noobs and so I intended to gain some solo experience first before selling myself to a good pirate  corp. The solo ships of choice  for solo are mainly frigates, at least for the beginner. I had however noticed that many people were having good success with the Crow Interceptor for solo PvP. A little research told me that if I setup the right race and skills in character selection I could be up and flying a crow in 15 days. That looked like pretty good going to be able to get into a T2 ship in such a small space of time so my decision was made, and I was born a Caldari.  Even when I took a look at Crow setups I could see that it wasn’t so important to get a T2 fit straight away, and that a mixture of named and T1 fittings were fine. I didn’t even bother to learn the PvP ropes with a frigate.

My attention now turned to what kind of image I wanted to project. I felt it was important for people to believe they were safe with me in system to increase the number of targets, so I selected the the most innocent looking avatar I could find, which unsurprisingly was also female. I would now appear to be the kind of person everyone could trust, at least until my security status stated to tumble:

Kaya Valda

At the time I think I made some good choices as the Crow served me well, and I made many kills with it for minimal losses. I think it’s also what got me noticed as a bit more than the average PvP noob when it came to joining a coproration. Unfortuantely things have changed in Eve, and the latest nerfs to ship speed and missile damage has made Caldari less suitable to the life of Piracy, the changes have particularly affected ships like the Crow.


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