Choose the life of Yarr!


Kaya Valda wasn’t my first character in Eve. When I was first introduced to the game I quickly formed the opinion that Pirates were scum, created a Mining character, and set about building a carebear mining and missioning empire. I could see no way ahead that would see be become a Pirate and if I was to be involved in PvP it would be as an Anti-Pirate or in 0.0 warfare.

I became a bit of a mission expert but once I had achieved standings to do lvl4 missions and subsequently realised how repetitive missions were I felt that I needed something more out my Eve life. I found mining to be the dullest of all dull things to be doing in Eve so it was inevitable that I would have to look into some of the alternative activities that the game had to offer.

My missioning had given me my first taste of conflict in Eve, so I was keen to move more in the direction of PvP. The plan was that I would become an anti-pirate and a bounty hunter making my living out of bounties. Further reading on the Eve Forums however soon put the dampener on that idea as it became obvious that bounty hunting isn’t really a viable career. Not only is the bounty system in Eve seriously flawed, but it soon dawned on me that in order to make big ISK I would have to be taking on PvP experts. Me, the PvP noob. My only experience of PvP had been on the wrong end of highsec ‘wars’ (in other words highsec pirate ganking).

During my research had come across a lot of Pirates who could justify what they did as ‘just being part of the game’. I suddenly realised that I didn’t have to feel bad about piracy because it was just a game after all. I had played non-multiplayer games before as a pirate, so what was so different about doing it in Eve? Well the difference that had stopped me before was that when I had lost a ship it felt bad, like I had lost something of real value. But now I had realised that I really hadn’t lost anything other than a bit of effort I had spent earning the ISK to buy the ship, and I could afford it anyway.

Eve is ‘just a game’, and the point of a game is to enjoy yourself. My problem was that up until my realisation I was treating it all rather too seriously and it had become a bit of a chore, almost like a job that I was paying for the privilege to do. Something had to change. And so there went my Eve principles in a sudden reversal.

I wasn’t all that keen on cutting my ties with Carebearism all together though so Kaya Valda was born, on a brand new account with a brand new state of mind. From the outset I had decided to make Kaya 100% Pirate and the skills I would train would all go towards that aim, there was no room for compromise.

P.S. Sorry for the length of this post, I’m not intending all my ramblings to go on this long.


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